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Darnick Scotland

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Information on the village of Darnick in Scotland.

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Darnick Village Trust Land Reform Act]

This was started 2/3 years ago to enable the village to try and purchase a 6 acre field to form a meadow/recreation walk/wooded area within the village and retain a green wedge between Melrose, free of housing.
Numerous hurdles had to be overcome, the worst being that Darnick, due to a political misprint was a suburb of Galashiels and therefore had no legal right to purchase property. Since then, an apology has been received from the Scottish Office, reinstating Darnick as a suburb, so work went ahead to form the limited company named above to purchase the land bounded by Fisher's Lane,Leerie Path, Tower Road, and the Darnick Burn.
Word from the council as well has stated the field will retain it's "greens status" for a few more years anyway. A new committee has been formed for DVT. Holding the chair at present is Tony Watson, St Helens, Waverley Road. Sadly owner in Fife is not for selling at present!

Darnick Village Trust Land Reform Act], Scotland